My blunders, my efforts.  Meaning well, meaning nothing.  Wanting to help.

During the glacial period over25,000 years ago a great ice sheet more than a mile thick moved over thisarea.  The mass of ice was powerfulenough to move both large and small boulders. As the ice retreated, these boulders were left behind.  They are called glacial erratics.  Madison Boulder is one of the largest glacialerratics in the world. It is 87 feet long, 23 feet wide and 37 feet high.  Its estimated weight is 4,662 tons.

N.H. Division of Parks andRecreation

Madison Boulder, State Geologic Site.

A gift to the state of New Hampshire in 1946, in memory of James O. Gerry and A.Crosby Kennett.

I take my clues from the boulder.  I am composed.  Whether idolized or camouflaged, I willwitness unremarkable announcements of mortality.  I will be a representation of your teen dirtbike gang and your phallic graffiti, broken glass and miscellaneous paraphernalia.  I will grow my atmospheric skins of fungus,moss, and generational defacement.

I will wear my 25,000 year old crow’s feet.  I am your ancestor and I will be a pioneer. 

My embodied aggression may be abrasive, scour, or may fallabsolutely.  I will affect you.  I will mess some things up.  I will notice. 

I will live with the consciousness of a mosquito’s brevity.

A mosquito has an unimpressive life-span.  There is not time enough to communicate vitality,unresolved missions or explanations of programmed behavior.  I’ve heard that research has been completed toeffect the fertility of mosquito species capable of carrying the malariaparasite.  They release geneticallymodified mosquitoes which only give birth to males.  No new female mosquitoes will be born.  No new mosquitoes will be born at all; almostwithout time.

Anunremarkable nature video and excerpt from the manifesto “My blunders, myefforts.  Meaning well, meaningnothing.  Wanting to help.”  Life attitude derived from glacial erraticfield reconnaissance at the New Hampshire Division of Parks Madison Boulder,State Geologic Site.

Foley, Katy. "My Blunders, myefforts. Meaning well, meaning nothing. Wanting to help."(November 2014): Textcompiled for the forthcoming experimental irregular publication ‘The Erratic’by Colleen Tuite.   

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